M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System
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M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System

The M-Plate is a universal camera tripod plate system with the world's first integrated tripod mount to work with most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections, and modular attachment points for accessories. Weighs 2.1 oz. Made in USA.

  • Universal: Quick-attach to any tripod while using your favorite camera strap systems such as our own C-Loop. Also compatible with BlackRapid, Sun Sniper, Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier and others.
  • Fast Access: When used with the C-Loop strap system the camera hangs perfectly balanced on your side for instant engagement.
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design relocates the tripod socket making it easier to shoot portrait shots.
  • Durable: Made from aerospace grade aluminum and hard anodized for a superior black finish.
  • Accessories: The built-in M-Link Port™ will connect with future photo and video attachments, including flash brackets and video rigs that are currently in development. Optional: Hand Strap Attachment.
  • Built-in Manfrotto RC2 + Arca-Swiss Quick Release: Extra mounting holes make it compatible with virtually any tripod plate. See below*

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*The built-in camera connection plate on the M-Plate Pro is designed with a geometry that will fit into most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss style tripod heads. For non-standard and non-supported camera plates, the M-Plate Pro offers mounting mounts to attach virtually any plate system.
Below is a compatibility list of the built-in tripod plate connection that will be updated periodically. Some models from the same manufacturer may vary so we suggest testing them with the M-Plate before purchasing a new head. The models listed below are ones we have tested the M-Plate with.

Built-in Tripod Adapter works with the following heads:
Acratech    (including 22159)
Benro     (including B-00, B-01)
FoBA     (including Mini-Superball)
Kirk        (including QRC-2)
Mantrotto    (including 498RC2, 496RC2, 494RC2, 468MGRC2, 234RC2, 322RC2)
Novoflex     (including Q=Mount)
RRS Really Right Stuff (including B2 LR Quick Release)

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  • Item #: MLTPL8
  • Manufacturer: Custom SLR

M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System

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