Plustek OpticFilm 7000 & 8000 Series -  Film Adapter / Holder
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Plustek OpticFilm models:  8200, 8200i Ai, 8100, 7200, 7200i, 7200i SE, 7300, 7300i, 7300i SE, 7400, 7400i, 7400i SE, 7400i AI, 7500, 7500i, 7500i SE, 7500i AI, 7600, 7600i, 7600i SE, 7500i AI, 7600, 7600i, 7600i SE, 7600i AI. Any and all 7 & 8 series OpticFilm models.

Available Film Sizes:

  • Plustek 110 (16mm) Pocket Instamatic.
  • Nikon - * 126 (Instamatic), (35mm square frame)*
  • Nikon - * APS (24mm) (IX240) (Kodak Advantix)*
  • Nikon - * MINOX (9.4mm) (Sub-Mini) *
  • Nikon - * 8mm Movie *
  • * Note: Nikon holder includes and requires a Nikon-to-Plustek adapter, while not a ideal, fancy or elegant solution the Nikon holders do work.

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Software compatibility with SilverFast, and ViewScan. Works extremely well with ViewScan advanced "Batch" scanning.

Scan rare and obsolete film. Film slides into open end for fast simple loading. One piece design helps hold film tight and flat with no moving parts. Holds up to lifetime (years) of heavy use in commercial film labs. Better handling of damaged, bent, warped, curled and bowed film.

FilmScanUSA products are designed to solve specific problems not addressed by large manufactures. Custom fabricated in the USA of UV protected vinyl plastic to “industrial quality” standards. Film adapters, carriers, and holders available for all standard and most non standard (rare & obsolete) film sizes. Support for dedicated film scanners from Nikon, Plustek, Epson, Canon, and "film capable" flatbed scanners from Epson, Canon, HP, Microtek and others.

While suitable for consumer (public) usage this is a industrial product primarily intended for commercial film labs, film professionals, professional photographers, university and government labs, university science and photography departments, museums, archivists, and preservationists. Increasing quality of newer consumer level (low cost) scanners has attracted a growing number of home based amateurs and novice users to scan old family film with results of near professional image quality.

Film carriers are model specific, for the most part they are not interchangeable between scanner models.

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Plustek OpticFilm 7000 & 8000 Series - Film Adapter / Holder

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