About Us

Proudly serving the worlds most demanding imaging professionals and serious amateur photographers.

A family owned business with a history spanning three generations and over 60 years. Brief accounting of our long history of service to our customers and community.

  • 1952 W.E. & Hazel Barkelew open retail “Brick and Mortar” store on Main Street Springfield Oregon.

  • 2001 FilmScanUSA start selling on eBay.

  • 2002 Expand in-house film lab, scanning film, transfer film & slides to digital.

  • 2004 Design and develop custom film holders.

  • 2005 Start custom holder fabricating & manufacturing.

  • 2007 Open online eStore, (FilmScanUSA.com) selling custom film holders international.

  • 2009 Close film lab to public (continue for hand full of long time professionals).

  • 2011 Family closes “Brick and Mortar” store, sad after nearly 60 years (that's progress).

  • 2012 Open new improved on-line eStore, (FilmScanUSA.net) expand professional photography products. Added CustomSLR products

  • 2013 Expand product line to include Professional Tripods & Ball heads.

FilmScanUSA.net: We are a husband and wife team, Nita and Darrell Barkelew of Waltervile, Oregon USA. having made the transition from “Brick & Mortar” to “Click & Order” all sales are now 100% internet. Most of our film holder & adapter products are custom fabricated in our small shop at Walterville Oregon USA.

Products from our affiliates:

CustomSLR camera accessories are from a small company, Custom SLR headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, made in the USA. Anne, Ben and Ivan are a passionate group of photographers, who like to innovate and design useful products including the Kickstarter launched C-Loop, Split Strap and M-Plate.


New Product Lines:

Upcoming new product lines from new affiliates:  We are actively seeking a dealership arrangement for a line of high quality Professional Tripod legs and Pro Ballheads. Any leads on this type of product greatly appreciated.